About Preservers Of Sound

PRESERVERS OF SOUND and CJRO RECORDS are supporters and helpers of sufferes of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is a condition where the muscles lose their protein and waste away. This condition mainly affects boy's and sufferers typically die young (late teens to early twenties), 20% of all income (not just profit) from all CD sales and DJ work will go to DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY RESEARCH, DEMELZA, ACTION FOR KIDS and MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION for the research, care and support they all provide. This is because our eldest grandson CURTIS has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). There is no cure for this condition and if we do not find a cure or a combination of drugs to hold the condition at bay we may lose our CURTIS sometime in his teen years as is common with this condition. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support with this worthy cause. Our aim is not just to help Curtis but all the sufferers of DMD.

Both Johann and I have loved and been involved in period music since our early teen years. First Preservers of Sound started off as a small group of people just sharing our love for period music and interest in the history of 1940's. The concept of PRESERVERS of SOUND is to widen the general interest of music styles from the past. As Preservers of Sound grew we decided to organise dance events, we started with a small Thursday night club in Erith, Kent called The Fedora Club. We outgrew the venue and started The Spitfire Bounce Dance in Slade Green, Kent in 2001. The Spitfire Bounce was based on music from the mid 1940s and early 1950s. Approximately three years later we started The Otford 1940s Swing Dance in Otford, Kent to play just 1940s Jazz and Swing for dancers. At this time we were doing six Spitfire Bounce and four Otford Swing events a year. As time has gone by both the Spitfire Bounce and Otford Swing have grown to great success, both are popular with dancers from all over. Unfortunately we have now stopped doing these dance events due to health problems and simply a wanting to spend more time with our family, although I will continue to guest DJ at events in the UK and Europe.

Some time ago as a DJ at our and other events I started to compile my own CD’s for DJ’ing to save carrying around so many CD’s. This eventually lead to requests for copies of them, at first I was just giving them away, as time went on the expense of this became more and more so I looked into the legalities of producing and selling them and that is how CJRO RECORDS came about, That first album contained recordings by Earl Hines, Louis Jordon, Sidney Bechet, Roy Brown, Joe Turner to name a few, (Unfortunately that album is no longer in production). We spent a long time searching through the various record/CD retailers and found that 99% of the music available was what the current DJ's were playing all the time. In response to this we decided to compile a number of CD's containing the lesser known danceable recordings. Yes some of the artists/recordings are so obscure that you may not have heard of them, we have found that this is generating even more interest in the vast range of music we make available through our albums. As the years have passed by CJRO RECORDS are not only producing re-release albums we are also producing albums for modern artists who perform in clubs and at events around the world all based on the 1930s to the 1950s. We are also producing vinyl (you know those old style records our granddaughter calls giant CD’s) for a number of artists. CJRO RECORDS is becoming recognised as a professional record company with a reputation for producing quality CD albums and vinyl records. It is a great pleasure for CJRO RECORDS to present many recordings that have never been released on CD before, along with doing all our cover artwork and sleeve notes we do all our own re-mastering keeping the feel and depth to the original recordings and not making them too clinical as most modern record companies do. We are the best and continue to be the best in making the less known recordings available in CD format. As the interest in vinyl increases we have planes to extend our catalogue to include more re-releases and modern artist recordings on vinyl in all formats, 7” 45rpm single and extended play, 10” 33rpm and 12” 33rpm. At the moment we are concentrating on a number of special new titles for issue in the coming months so as the saying goes 'watch this space'. Where do we stand as far as today's artists, bands/orchestras are concerned? Not only are we producing for Jazz, Swing, Rhythm and Blues, Jump Blues, Rock n Roll and Western Swing artists we are now also producing for other genre based artists, Swamp, Cajun, Hillbilly, Blues etc. So if you are a leader/member of a band/orchestra or a single artist vocalist or instrumentalist and thinking of releasing a CD/record then we would love to hear from you.