The Spitfire Bounce Special Children’s Charity Dj Extravaganza (Once A Year) 6th June 2015

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At both the Spitfire Bounce and the Otford 1940s Swing dances you will enjoy a fantastic celebration of original and authentic 1940s and 1950s music played by the very best DJ’s from Europe. Obviously SPITFIRE BOUNCE is 1940s and 1950s music and OTFORD SWING is pure 1940s music. We select our DJ’s for their reputation and expertise in these genres of music. There is a fantastic dance floor with plenty of room for dancers and seating for non-dancers. You may bring along your own alcohol if you wish too.

THE SPITFIRE BOUNCE SPECIAL CHILDREN’S CHARITY DJ EXTRAVAGANZA is a yearly event that runs from 3pm to midnight, we will have a VINTAGE MARKET in one hall, we will not be charging stall holders for stall space and they have all agreed to make a donation to the charities we are supporting for use of the stall space. In the middle room we will have The ‘Baking Belles’ ready to serve you with tea, coffee and non-alcoholic cold drinks, cream tea’s, sandwiches and their special selection of war-time cakes, all made to original 1940s recipes. All profit that the ‘Baking Belles’ make will be donated to The British Legion. The main hall will be used for music and dancing, we have organised EIGHT DJ’s, the SIX TOP 1940s/1950s DJ’s TERRY ELLIOTT, VOODOO DOLL, JUMPIN’ JIM, GYPSY JOHN, JC (KING DJ OF PARIS) and myself JEFF ‘TWO-TONE BOOGIE’ along with TWO up and coming DJ’s MISTER MEADOWLARK of Sittingbourne and FLATTOP BOOGIE of Caterham. Both these up and coming DJ’s are already building a strong reputation for playing top quality period music.

All we want is for everyone who comes along to one of these dances to have a GREAT NIGHT of DANCING, MUSIC and ATMOSPHERE.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy your time out at both THE SPITFIRE BOUNCE and THE OTFORD 1940s SWING DANCE events.

We THANK YOU all for your continued support with these event’s and raising money for the charities. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.